What is MRS Reality Shows?Edit

MRS Reality Shows is a group on roblox which makes shows from reality like Big brother and Survivor. On this page we will show you season 1 of survivor (still being played)

MRS Survivor Season 1Edit

Survivor season 1 has 20 players begin their journey of 50 robux. every session there will be a rewards and immunity challenge and tribal council and some time to talk and strategize . A session is usually a hour long and lots of people every session has enjoyed it thoroughly. (the game is still in progress) you can spectate any season if your not playing the season or play as a existing person.

MRS Survivor Season 1
original Tribes switched tribes vote back Merge
Gabbie not in game Nathan Mew Pizza Mr.Fab
Mew david Emma Emma Layla Gabbie Ollie Gabbie VOTED OFF Ryan
Milly zach archie Ollie Ollie Mew Amaya Mr.Fab
Monkey david jansen Emma Layla Nathan Ollie Gabbie Amaya Mr.Fab
Nathan zach archie Saturn VOTED OFF Not allowed Mew Pizza Mr.Fab
Pizza david monkey Emma Layla Amaya Ollie Gabbie Amaya Nathan
Ryan milly archie Monkey Nathan Mew Pizza Mr.Fab
Saturn david jansen Emma Layla Nathan Nathan Gabbie Amaya Ryan
Zoey david jansen Emma Layla Nathan Ollie Gabbie Amaya Nathan
Mr.Fab david jansen Emma Layla Ollie Nathan Gabbie Amaya Nathan VOTED OFF
Amaya zach archie Pizza Nathan Mew Pizza VOTED OFF
Zachary zach archie Ollie Nathan Mew EJECTED
Issy zach archie Saturn Nathan WALKED
Ollie not in game Gabbie VOTED OFF
Layla emma Zoey Mr.Fab Mr.Fab VOTED OFF
Emma jansen Zoey Zoey VOTED OFF
Paolo Zach archie WALKED
Jansen david Layla VOTED OFF
Mia zach archie WALKED
Archie milly ryan VOTED OFF
David layla VOTED OFF
Zach milly VOTED OFF

Latest activityEdit

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